Web Hosting Services

Your site will reside on its own highly-secure Virtual Dedicated Server – meaning it will not “share space” with other websites. What does that mean to you? It’s less vulnerable to hacking/security breaches than with the common, commercially hosting service.

VolCorp offers Two Hosting Options…

1) WordPress Content Management System Hosting

VolCorp’s WordPress Web Hosting services allows you to control your website from any computer with an Internet connection and web browser. Through this centrally-controlled, robust and dynamic online presence and electronic marketing tool, your website administrator can make text revisions, add/delete content and photos/graphics, easily create, update and manager the submissions of online forms. It’s easy to train and cross-train staff and requires no prior technical knowledge.

Optional Features (with CMS Hosting)

  • Secure Online Forms/Applications:Create online forms for event registration, service/loan applications, e-mail groups sign-ups, etc.
  • Password-Protected Pages: Create a secure, password-protected pages for your board of directors or staff to view/download sensitive online documents such as Board Packets, Credit Union Policies, Meeting Minutes, etc.

2) Hosting with Web Maintenance

With this option, VolCorp will maintain your site. So, if you don’t have the staff or time available  to keep your credit union’s site up to date…we have a maintenance team ready to help!

See more on Web Maintenance…
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